Monday, December 3, 2012

Derick Smith: Views on the Upcoming Election

Derick K. Smith, a political science professor at North Carolina A&T State University, was asked in an interview to share his views on issues in the upcoming election. During this interview, Smith showed himself to be very intelligent and knowledgeable about things that are going to affect our county in the near future. With one week left before for the 2012 presidential election between President Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, Smith is nervous about the outcome in this election. However, he is aware on some of the things that could possibly change the lives of many Americans. In the interview Smith shares a lot of great insight about the upcoming 2012 presidential election. He is interested in seeing what the results of the election will be, just as any other American.  Smith is a graduate of Fayetteville State University, and has always considered his self to be a political scientist. It began when he was just a child.

JOMC 220: What are your views on Health Care?

Smith: Health Care is a big issue in this year’s election. Candidate Romney has said that on day one he would repeal the Obama Care. However, he has also mentioned that his likes several things about the Obama Care but he still plans to repeal if he is to be elected into office. Candidate Romney has done the same thing for the state of Massachusetts and he should not be in opposition to a universal plan, which covers everyone, unless he just really loves the people of Massachusetts that much more than any other Americans.

JOMC 220: What are your views on immigration?

Smith: Immigration is not as big of an issue as it has been in previous presidential elections, particularly in the primary election. The Obama Administration has come up with some great incentives. The issue is mostly with Mexicans and the southern border, but good things like allowing young people whose parents has come to the country illegally, to stay and go to school to get a good education. However both President Obama and Candidate Romney are in adequate when it comes to a plan.

JOMC 220: What are your views on early voting?

Smith: Early voting is a great thing! I am glad about people having more time to get to the poles and making sure that their vote counts. I think that the closer you move towards universal suffrage, and removing any barriers to voting is a good thing. So giving more time for people to get out a vote is a really good thing. 

JOMC 220: What are your views on education?

Smith: It hasn’t been a big issue advertised in this election, just only when it has come to our education’s failing. A lot of students like Obama’s position on Pell grants and increasing opportunity for grant money. Another good thing is the student loan deferral program which allows students to pay their loans based upon their salaries whenever they receive a job.

JOMC 220: What are your thoughts about demographics in this year’s election?

Smith: Social identity politics, also known as demographics is what American elections are really about. Everybody is looking at gender gaps. For example, is the African American population going to come out as they did in 2008? Will the Hispanic population vote for Obama? Social identity politics are still apart of American elections. Even though it’s not always discussed in fear of the race card, it’s always there.  It’s all about social identity politics.  

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